British Tiger – Green Energy Drink

British Tiger – Green Energy Drink

Does your exercise routine leave you craving for energy the rest of the day? Does playing your favorite sport seems like a very tiring process to you? Then, here’s a perfect energy drink to boost up your energy levels so that you can stay active and energetic in whatever you do. British Tiger Green carbonated energy drink is made for those who need a boost of energy instantly to keep going through their hectic regime without fail. With electrolytes, sugar and glucose, the drink gives your body sufficient amount of carbohydrates that are needed to kick up your energy levels.

More often we see that people prefer taking coffee or tea for more alertness and better productivity. But, in case if you hate the taste of caffeine, this is an awesome alternative for you. British Tiger Green energy drink is a tasty carbonated fruit drink that appeals to everyone’s taste buds.

Moreover, being packed with essential B vitamins, it also improves your mood, keeps your nervous system healthy and enhances your cardiovascular system. This British Tiger energy drink is IFS and BRCGS certified and a popular dietary supplement consumed across the United Kingdom.

More Tasty drink with chilled/ice. Shelf life: 18 months.

Size cans: 250ml & 330ml sleek Printing cans.

3125 trays/cont 20ft , No pallets, 24 cans x 250ml cans.
2464 trays/cont 20ft , No pallets, 24 cans x 330ml cans.