British Tiger – Blue Energy Drink

British Tiger – Blue Energy Drink

British Blue Energy Drink is an exceptional carbonated fruit drink that can give you instant energy to keep you up for a longer period of time. Whether you want an extra kick of energy for athletic performance or if you want to stay active all through your tiring exercising regime, British Tiger’s blue energy drink is formulated in such a way that it reduces tiredness while producing a feeling of alertness, enhances muscle tone and reduces stress recovery period. It has sugar and glucose that can raise your energy levels faster for further performance or productivity.

With natural flavorings, this is a healthy drink that also supplies B vitamins to your body like vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. These vitamins are known to have various benefits on our bodies when taken in. For example, B12 keeps your red blood cells and nervous system healthy, B6 strengthens your cardiovascular system, niacin relieves arthritis pains and pantothenic acid reduces stress and anxiety while helping with your allergies and skin disorders as well.

British Tiger Blue is the most entrusted energy drink liked by the people of the United Kingdom are known by quality and taste. We are popular as Best Brand Food & Drinks (BBFD) Ltd all over the world while British Tiger is our registered trademark in UK.

More Tasty drink with chilled/ice. Shelf life: 18 months.

Size cans: 250ml & 330ml sleek Printing cans.

3125 trays/cont 20ft , No pallets, 24 cans x 250ml cans.
2464 trays/cont 20ft , No pallets, 24 cans x 330ml cans.