British Tiger – Gold Energy Drink

British Tiger – Gold Energy Drink

British Tiger Gold carbonated Energy drink is packed with sugar, water, caffeine and glucose enough to give you a gentle shot of instant energy. This is an ideal drink for those who are allergic to highly caffeinated beverages or those who dislike the taste of tea of coffee. Filled with good dose of B vitamins, this energy drink is associated with stress reducing, mood uplifting, stamina enhancing, detoxification and brain boosting capabilities.

Whether you want to indulge yourself in a highly energetic athletic performance or remain active all the day after a tiring exercise regime, this energy drink shall give you that much required kick to keep going. It shall pour in your body an extra dose of carbohydrates and can raise your energy levels faster for further performance or productivity.

British Tiger Gold is one of the widely consumed energy drinks across The United Kingdom. It is preferred for its mixed fruit flavor, quality and energy boosting ability.

More Tasty drink with chilled/ice. Shelf life: 18 - 24 months.

Size cans: 250ml & 330ml sleek Printing cans.

3125 trays/cont 20ft , No pallets, 24 cans x 250ml cans & 2,880 Trays (with Pallets) - 40 ft
2464 trays/cont 20ft , No pallets, 24 cans x 330ml cans & 2,400 Trays (with Pallets) - 40 ft